OMG! I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months since our return from Spain! We are still talking about our trip (at least once a week!) And you and Sophie were key to making this, our first over-the-ocean trip together, a dream come true! Your advice as to what area in Barcelona we should stay in (our VRBO in Gracia was perfect)provided us with a great neighborhood to live in during our stay in Barcelona. Your recommended restaurants as well as securing us reservations for dinner at these great restaurants made our stay even more stress free and relaxing. We still dream about our lunch at Cuina d’En Garriga!

And then there was Priorat ~ what can we say? We still discuss (with whoever will listen!) the wines we had and the vineyards, the vines, the winemakers, etc. The Villa was so relaxing and comfortable, we felt like royalty. We had such a great time in Priorat thanks to you and Sophie at Niso Tours. You were marvelous and I was ecstatic and honored that you took time to show us around personally! Private tastings, vineyard tours, great food! It was wonderful and your knowledge and connections in that region are impressive. Your language skills and friendships proved to be invaluable in what we got to see and do. Living and working in the Napa Valley wine industry, we are accustomed to what wine country means here. Priorat is very old world in the best way!

All in all it was an incredible experience and hard to put into words. The people there were all very welcoming and proud of their industry. Thank you so much for introducing us to these great people, wine and region. You have expanded our tasting palates to wines outside of the Napa Valley!

You are the Best!
Mo & Aaron
Maureen Callahan
Director of Compliance/Corporate Secretary
Duckhorn Wine Company

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