Upon first visiting Can Ràfols dels Caus one is immediately taken back by the beauty of the 11th century estate and the surrounding natural landscape. Situated at an altitude of 300 meters and bordered by the Massif de Garraf and the near-by coastal mountain range, the majestic estate stands on a rise between the ravines of two watersheds and is surrounded by a tapestry of estate-owned vineyards. The geographic location of the estate and its vineyards is of paramount importance for producing high-quality wines, as the vines are sheltered from the extreme temperatures that can occur along either mountain chain.
The unusual microclimate that exists around the estate consists of sun-drenched, exceedingly hot daytime temperatures, tempered by late afternoon cool sea breezes. This strong diurnal temperature difference produces an extended period of ripening, which helps to concentrate the sugars and allows the polyphenolic maturation of the grapes to be reached gradually. This means that the wines from Can Ràfols dels Caus are often times more fragrant and aromatic than other wines that come from the same or neighboring regions.
CanRáfolsdels Causのツアーでは、1979年に祖父の財産であった場所に住むことに決めたカルロス・エステバ(Calos Esteva)の不動産の魅力的なオーナーに出会うことでしょう。兄弟が所有する株式を購入した後最先端の地下発酵ホールとバレルエージングルームを建設しながら、不動産の建物を復元する遅いプロセスに着手しました。長い間、彼は以前に祖父が所有していた古いブドウ畑の多くを回復し、以前は祖先によって使われなかった新しい品種や栽培方法を導入しました。 100%不動産栽培の果物から作られたワインを生産する可能性に賭けて、持続可能性と環境に対する尊重の枠組みの中で目標を達成するのと同じ戦いで、CanRåfolsdels Causのワインは、未予約の品質と同義語になっています。,en