When one thinks of the D.O. Penedès the first thing that often comes to mind is Cava, or the Spanish equivalent to Champagne, and one may question: who makes the best cava in Spain? Our answer is Caves Agustí Torelló. When developing our directory of the top Spanish wineries to bring our clients to, Caves Agustí Torelló was on the top of our list in the D.O. Penedès as they specialize in only producing Cava. Indeed, the owners have stated that their sole objective is to ‘produce cava at its maximum expression,’ and perhaps the secret to their success is the fact that the winery is family-owned and operated and their sparkling wines are made from 100% estate-grown fruit. Another keypoint is that, thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the autochthonous grape varieties MacabeuXarelloParelladaflourish in their vineyards and produce sparkling wines that are deliciously unique and have their own personality. It is said that the best Cavas are made from these varieties as theMacabeu brings a wine array of fruit flavors to the wine, the Xarello structure, and theParellada soft acidity and floral notes.

With over 70 years of cava making experience, the Agustí Torelló family has honed in what it takes to make truly exceptional sparkling wines. The winery is a state-of-the-art facility that is geared towards making the best Cava possible, receiving visitors and showing them what Cava production is all about. On a tour of Caves Agustí Torelló with Niso Wine Tours, you will learn about the painstaking process involved in making boutique sparkling wines, see how the bottles are aged and go through their secondary fermentation process, and then enjoy the fruits of the winery’s labor by tasting any number of Cavas in their stunning and contemporary tasting room.