Marques de Vizhoja is a family-owned winery that is located in a land of beauty. Their story starts in “La Moreira,” which is an expansive estate that houses an 18th century fortress and is located only 10 minutes from the Portuguese border on the Atlantic coast of Spain. The winery’s strategic location was important not only in times of war, but is also very important for grape growing as the special microclimate that surrounds the town of Cequeliños where the winery is located, protects the vines from frosts, wind and extreme temperatures. The unique mixture of the region’s sandy loam soil and especially mild climate, allow Marques de Vizhoja’s grapes to easily reach the prefect degree of ripeness, which together with the extreme care taken at each stage of the production process, results in wines of exceptional quality.

Located within the D.O. Rias Baixas, a predominantly white-wine growing region, Marques de Vizhoja is known for producing high-quality wines made predominantly from the Albariño grape variety. Like carefully loved children, the winery’s vines are extremely well cared for from the moment they are planted to the time they are mature and produce ripe clusters ready for picking. Each vine is planted in a North-to-South direction to maximize sun exposure, and never more than five hours is allowed to pass from the time the grapes are harvested to when they de-stemmed and prepared for fermentation. Currently 3 wines made at the winery (Marques de Vizhoja, Torre la Moreira and Señor da Folla Verde), which all have their own distinct and mouth-watering flavor.

During a visit to this winery, you will be able meet the family members who have over 300 years of winemaking history in their blood, taste their extraordinary wines, stroll through their lush gardens and perhaps even have the opportunity to dine with them under the century-old pine, chestnut and birch trees that line their property. A tranquil retreat, an award-winning winery: a visit to Marques de Vizhoja is like walking back in time to the way life used to be.