The Abadia Retuerta mission statement:

Abadía Retuerta is a mute witness to history and a place where the land and the vine come together. It is our duty to respect and preserve the legacy we have inherited, our surroundings, the monastery and its wines. To return what we can to the earth, enhancing and increasing what we have so generously been given.
Our wines, made from a careful selection of the best grapes in our vineyards, are a bold commitment to terroir wines

On winemaking…

“Our winery is one of the most advanced in Europe.
In order to reduce our processes and be more careful and respectful when handling the fruit of the vine, we have designed and patented an ecological gravity-led winemaking method. The result is a more natural, gentler processing of the grapes.
Just like the cave that was built hundreds of years ago by the monks who came before us, our ageing cellar has also been dug out of the mountain to ensure natural temperature control and energy savings.”

On their vines…

“The vineyards extend along the North-facing slopes, climbing from the river bank to heights of up to 850 metres. This difference in altitude, together with the different soil types, creates variations in the yield from each vineyard and, therefore, grapes with very different characteristics.

Working with vines that are now more than twenty years old, we have gradually brought our wines to maturity. During this time we have grown to know each of the vineyards of the estate in detail, studied their characteristics, and planted the grape varieties best suited to each soil type.”

On the enviroment…

“We feel a deep respect for the nature that surrounds us and its biodiversity, the soil, the seasons, time and traditions, which has forged our history and heritage. It is this respect that has enabled us to reap sterling rewards from our surroundings.

Of the 700 hectares that make up our estate, almost 500 are hills and woodland where indigenous tree varieties have been replanted. In just over fifteen years, we have planted more than 60,000 pine trees.”

On their wines…

“Abadía Retuerta is synonymous with wine. Wines that are heirs to this region’s rich winemaking tradition. Prestigious wines of international acclaim. Clean, expressive and honest wines with their own unique style. Wines which are modern and innovative, that are respectful of and in keeping with the uses and customs of this region.
Only the passage of time and in-depth observation of the natural processes have revealed to us the true potential of this estate, how to get the best out of our vines and how to extract their juice in perfect conditions.”

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