When one enters the sprawling grounds of Can Bonastre it becomes distinctly clear that this is not your standard Spanish winery.  The carefully manicured landscape, impressive fountains, state-of-the-art wine and tapas tasting room and even the walkway leading up to the main building all seem like something out of the Napa Valley instead of being just 30 minutes outside of Barcelona.  Indeed, Can Bonastre is more akin to a wine-lovers vacation paradise than a customary winery, as the sprawling estate contains its own winery and vineyards, a 5 star boutique hotel and spa, an award-winning restaurant and an outside lounge bar with some of the best views of the Montserrat mountain range.

A self-described ‘wine resort,’ the highly qualified winemaking team of Can Bonastre carries out the entire elaboration process of their wines on the estate, caring for every detail within their reach.  They strive to reach a symbiosis between man and earth, combining the traditional arts of grape growing, harvest, elaboration and bottling on a small and intimate scale.  The resulting wines made by Can Bonastre from the 13 different varieties grown on the estate are original, impressive and have a unique flavor profile.

On a tour of Can Bonastre with Niso Wine Tours you may discover all that the 100 hectare estate has to offer on foot, on bicycle, via 4×4 or even by helicopter. The owners of Can Bonastre are proud of what they have accomplished and for a good reason – one can spend an entire day or just a few hours at the Can Bonastre wine resort and leave feeling well rested, well fed and having tasted some of the finest wines that Catalunya has to offer.

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