Five pioneering families rediscovered Priorat in the late 1980s, leading in large part to the international acclaim surrounding Priorat wines today. Each family had deep wine histories outside of the region, and each is currently producing top wines in Priorat, including the innovative Perez family. The patriarch of the Perez family, Jose Luis, is a one-time professor of enology that has an avid interest in viticultural research.

He, along with his daughter and son have founded three successful wineries within the D.O.Q. Priorat and in 1992, after having already established the award-winning winery called “Mas Martinet,” the Perez family began managing the local cooperative in the village of Porrera and renamed the winery “Cims of Porrera,” meaning the Hills of Porrera in Catalan. While around 15 growers cultivate the 54 hectares (133 acres) of hill-side vineyards for the Cims de Porrera wines, each plot of land is carefully watched over by Adrià Perez, who is the son of Jose Luis and the current winemaker and general manager of the winery. Most of the grapes that go into making Cims de Porrera’s wines are from over 100 year-old vines, for which the Priorat region is famous. The vines produce tiny amounts of fruit, so the grapes are naturally very concentrated as are their delicious wines.

Adrià is known to monitor the evolution of each barrel of wine as he would one of his children and during your tour to Priorat you will not only get to taste Cims de Porrera’s amazing wines, but you most likely will be able to do so with one of the members of the Perez family, icons of innovation, quality and history in Priorat.

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