Clos Dominic embodies the region of Priorat with its tiny production of wines that are hand-crafted by a passionate husband and wife team. Born and raised in Priorat, Dominic Baigauret and her husband Francisco “Paco” Castillo-Serrano moved to Barcelona in their early twenties, but were soon drawn back to the region. They purchased an old-vine vineyard outside the town of Porrera in 1998, began producing wine, and to this day manage and harvest their vineyards with help only from their family and friends.

This husband-and-wife team are known to create wines worthy of discovery. The Castillo-Serrano family’s meticulous care and respect for their vineyards is evidenced by their use of only organic fertilizers and pesticides, and by their strict selection process during harvest. Their centennial vines, which go into making their “Vinyes Altes” wine, are exemplary specimens of old Priorat vines – they grow directly out of slate rock, known locally as “llicorella,” and the vines have an extremely low average production of only about 500 grams per vine (or 3-4 palm-shaped clusters).

On a tour of Clos Dominic, you will get to see their magical vineyard first hand (which many consider to be one of the most jaw-dropping in all of Priorat) and visit their tiny garagiste winery, where each bottle they make is corked, capsuled and labeled by hand. When you leave you will understand why we were so moved when Dominic once told us that “Paco knows every one of our almost 20,000 vines intimately, and he controls everything with a watchful eye and a soft hand.”

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