Made primarily from a blend of Macabeo and Garnach Blanca. Most are light to dark yellow in color, with fruit aromas and hints of mountain herbs. The mouth has Mediterranean characteristics: warm, with rustic notes.


Perhaps the least characteristic of the region due to the warm climate that produces very ripe fruit rather fast. The rosés that do come out of the region typically reflect the notes of ripe fruit and also possess warm/rich tones, very unlike a typical rosé.


This is the star product of the region. Most are made from Garnacha and Cariñena, blended with different percentages of additional varieties brought in form outside the region. The wines are characterized by their intense dark cherry color, and almost look as though they have a thick consistency. The best wines have a very complex nose with notes of ripe fruit and characteristics of “terruño,” an influence from the pizzara soil which reflects the abundant mineral notes. In the mouth, the wines are very voluminous and have great structure. They are strong, meaty, warm and at the same time have a nice acid balance. They are markedly tannic and last for a long time on the palate and leave you yearning for more.

Rancios and sweet wines

The sweet wines from this region have notes of almonds and mountain herbs. In the mouth they are warm, flavorful and possess a good oxidative evolution. They also are typically deep cherry in color and most are barrel aged. In the nose you will note dark fruit, and berries; in the mouth they are paradoxically pastoral, sweet and fruity, which is balanced by rather nice acidity.

Tasting notes on Priorat & Montsant wines

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