Ever wondered what you should bring on your upcoming wine tour of Spain?  Well here are a few tips and suggestions…

Things to Know Before You Go:

Packing List

  • vineyard boots/shoes
  • comfortable, casual walking shoes
  • shorts for warm weather vineyard visits
  • jeans for cool weather vineyard visits
  • 1-2 business casual outfits for dining out
  • bathing suit
  • light rain jacket
  • sunscreen
  • camera
  • cell phone (check your coverage before you leave to see if you can purchase an international plan)
  • cell phone charger (120 volts may not work; bring car charger as back-up)
  • daptor
  • o bring or not to bring your laptop is your decision, but please note that there is limited, to no cell phone/internet coverage in some parts of Spain


Luggage Weight Limits:

20 kg or 44 lbs for intra-Europe flights

You will be charged if you exceed this.



Credit cards are widely accepted and ATMs are generally the most convenient way to withdraw Euros.



Most hotels will have a safe but please feel free to leave your nice jewelry at home, as it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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