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Now that Sophie and I have been in the wine tourism business for over five years now, we thought we would share with you what it’s like to visit Spain with Niso Wine Tours. From the beginning, when our customers first contact us via the web (www.nisowinetours.com), email (info@nisowinetours.com) or on the phone (+34 667433598 or 662101655),they often ask us for recommendations on 1.) Where to go, 2.) Where to stay, 3.) Where to eat and 4.) What else they can do in addition to visiting wineries? As it is very important to us to make sure our customers are 100% delighted with the tour they book through us, we involve them 100% of the way in designing their our tour. That’s right, we will not push group tours on you – we are specialists in tailor-making and customizing unique tours that will meet all of your individual needs.

So, where do we recommend that you go…?

Well, if you’ve been to the Napa Valley and enjoyed your experience, then we recommend The D.O.Ca. Rioja. If you want to visit the best wine region (in our opinion) that is closest to Madrid, then the D.O. Ribera del Duero would be our recommendation. If you are a true wine connoisseur and love huge, rich award-winning wines, then the D.O.Q. Priorat is for you. If white wines are more your thing, then you definitely have to visit the D.O. Rias Baixas. And if proximity to Barcelona is important and/or if you love bubbly, then we recommend you visit the D.O. Penedes.

Wine regions

And where do we recommend that you stay…?

Hmmm…well what’s your budget? Are you a 5-star hotel kind of person or do you prefer old-word B&Bs? The vast majority of the hotels we work with in Spain lie within the 4 star category and there many different styles to choose from: modern, quaint, charming, corporate, isolated, central, big and small. When it comes to lodging in Spain, the world is your oyster, and we will make sure you find the right fit for you and yours.

And…what about where to eat? With all that wine, one has gotta eat!

Now this is our favorite part because WE ARE FOODIES. No skimping or short changing on our part! If you choose to let us book your meals for you, we will arrange a variety of private winery luncheons, dinners at local foodie hotspots, vineyard picnics, tapas crawls, seaside seafood extravaganzas and more. And if you prefer, you can also opt to pay for the meals yourself, in which case we will be more than happy to make you meal reservations at Spain’s best tapas joints, Michelin star restaurants, centrally-located dining hotspots, ‘locals only’ establishments and charming chowhound hideaways. Nervous about any dietary restrictions you might have when coming to Spain? Not to worry. We have dealt with all kinds of food allergies, have prepared a week-long trip to various regions in Spain for some serious vegans and know the best gluten-free restaurants in northern Spain.


And while you (hopefully) know that we work with only the best wineries in Northern Spain, what else can do you with Niso Wine Tours besides visit wineries and drink and eat to your heart’s content?

Below is a list of just a few of the items we can offer you in pretty much all of the regions we cover:


Art appreciation wine tour

Be a winemaker for a day experience

Cooking classes

Cultural guide of Barcelona or Madrid



Horseback riding

Hot-air balloon ride

Jet skiing

Light aircraft ride

Massage and wine tasting package

Mini Capea (bull fight)

Mountain bike riding


Personal shopping guide of Barcelona or Madrid

Quad rides in the vineyards

River Kayaking

Rock Climbing


Spa treatments/ Spa day

Wine tasting mixed with balloon flight

But now after reading all of the above, if you still aren’t convinced if Niso Wine Tours is the right match for you, well then please read on our dear futuros amigos, as many of our customers have been able to better summarize their time with us better than we can even imagine…

A tu salud & we hope to see you soon in Spain,


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  1. One of the things that I have been wanting to do with my friends for a couple years now is to go on a wine tour. I would not even care if I didn’t go very far to do it, it is just something that we all want to do. Once I could do that, then I could just have a really fun time with my friends.

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