Looking for a few authentic Spanish recipes to pair with that bottle of Spanish red or white wine you recently picked up at the supermarket?  Well then keep on scrolling down as we’ve posted a few that our friends at Bodegas Comenge and Bodegas Fillaboa suggest pairing with their fantastic Tempranillo (red) and Albariño (white) wines…

A few dishes that our Spanish friends say pair well with Tempranillo…

Roast baby lamb


·        4 or 5 kg of lamb or lamb chops

·        150 grams lard

·        White wine

·        1 sprig rosemary

·        1 head of garlic

·        2 laurel leaves

·        Salt and water, as needed

·        Parsley



In an earthenware cooking pot, place the quartered pieces of lamb or lamb chops; season with salt, rosemary, laurel, lard and garlic. Reserve one garlic clove. Roast in oven for approximately 1 ½ hours at 180 degrees Celsius.

Grind in a mortar the clove of garlic, a little rosemary and parsley. Add the white wine and water; turn the lamb, and add the crushed mixture.

Partridge (or chicken) and Beans

Ingredients for 4 people:

·        60 ccs olive oil

·        2 cloves of garlic

·        600 grams white beans (cannellini)

·        1 pinch of saffron

·        2 onions

·        2 chile peppers (guindillas)

·        1 laurel leaf

·        2 partridges (or one whole chicken divided in quarters)

·        1 teaspoon paprika

·        100 ccs white wine



·        In a saucepan, brown the garlic and half of the onion, finely chopped, in the olive oil.

·        Add the laurel leaf and guindilla (or cayenne).

·        Once browned, sprinkle with paprika and moisten immediately with white wine to avoid burning the pepper.

·        Reduce.

·        Next, add the beans, previously soaked, frying them for one minute at medium heat, stirring constantly.

·        Moisten with stock, covering the beans lightly and add the raw onion and a little saffron.

·        Cook for 30 minutes, once in a while adding ice cubes to help the broth take shape.

·        Finally, add the pieces of partridge (or chicken) and let it cook until done

·        Serve sprinkled with chopped parsley.


Stewed Quail


·        1 water glass of oil

·        3 cloves of garlic

·        1 water glass of water with half a cube of chicken stock

·        1 large onion (150 grams)

·        4 quail

·        1 laurel leaf

·        1 oregano bouquet

·        Parsley

·        Black pepper

·        Salt

·        1 tomato, peeled and seeded

·        1 water glass, not very full, of white wine

·        2 carrots



Prepare the quail, removing feathers and down, if necessary. Wash the carrots, peel them, and cut them into rough slices. Peel and finely chop the onion. Put all of the raw ingredients in a saucepan with the cloves of garlic whole; cover the pan and let it simmer over low heat for an hour (depending on how tender the quail are). When they are tender, remove the quail and put them on a serving plate, covering them with the sauce after having removed the bouquet of oregano and cloves of garlic and running the rest through a mixer. Serve hot. Can be accompanied by fried potatoes.

A few things that the Spanish suggest go well with Albariño……

Smoked Salmon with Yogurt, Vanilla and Sunflower Seed Oil


·        Smoked salmon in one piece

·        Natural yogurt

·        1 vanilla bean

·        25 grams olive oil

·        1 dl. Sunflower oil

·        Various seeds


Cut the salmon into pieces of approximately 50 grams each and set aside. Open the vanilla bean and add to the sunflower oil. Mix the yogurt with olive oil and refrigerate.

Fish with Squid Ink Creamy Rice


·        4 fillets of (preferably white) fish

·        1 scallion

·        1 clove of garlic

·        400 grams fresh squid

·        200 grams paella or Arborio rice

·        40 ml fish stock

·        Squid ink

·        Parmesan cheese

·        Virgin olive oil



Lightly fry scallion, garlic and cut-up squid until well-cooked. Add the stock, then the ink. Let cook for approximately 12 minutes. Incorporate the cheese and olive oil, stirring constantly until the rice has a creamy consistency, but is al dente. Serve immediately

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