The history of Emina dates back to the period of the Vacceos, a pre-Roman era when wine was first thought to be produced within the region of Ribera del Duero. Upon the land where Bodegas Emina now stands, the Vacceos, the Romans and more recently, the 12th century Cistercian monks all planted their grapes as the soil is thought to be some of the most fertile in the region. While on a tour of Bodegas Emina you will get to see, taste and absorb the benefits of the winery’s fertile soil by visiting its demonstration vineyard, where over 70 different grape varieties are planted. Perhaps the most unique and diverse planting of vines in all of Ribera del Duero, the individual vine health is testament to the healthy soils and magnificent wines that are produced at the winery. In addition to visiting the winery’s demonstration vineyard, we can also take you on a stroll through the winery’s impressive wine museum. An easy and enjoyable way to learn about the history of ancient and modern-day wine making, the tour ends with a inimitable olfactory experience which will help prep your nose for the comprehensive wine tasting that follows your tour.
Pendant votre dégustation, vous pourrez choisir de savourer les vins primés d'Emina en compagnie d'un spécialiste du vin dans la salle de dégustation professionnelle de la cave (où vous apprendrez à déguster et à commander du vin comme un pro), ou tout en profitant du soleil terrasse privée du vignoble, ou lorsque jumelé avec certains des plats les plus traditionnels de la région au restaurant sur place du vignoble appelé La Espadaña.,,en,Une visite de Bodegas Emina est une véritable expérience œnologique, où vous pourrez tout apprendre sur le vin de terre… haut!,,en,Emina - Niso Wine Tours,,en
A tour of Bodegas Emina is a true enological experience at its best, where you will be able to learn about everything there is do with wine from the ground…up!