I. Description of services offered:

Niso Wine Tours’ primary objective is to provide high-quality, tailor-made wine tours of several

appellations au sein de l'Espagne et de fonctionner comme une opération de tourisme de service complet où les clients

not only are offered guided tours of some of Spain’s best wineries, but may also help them plan

and organize their trip in Spain.


II. Booking contract:

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon receipt of invoice via email in order to hold the

reservation. As soon as payment is received into the account listed below, Niso Wine Tours will

send the client a confirmation number of their tour to serve as proof of purchase. Payment

may be made via bank transfer or on Niso Wine Tours website using a credit card.

III. Payment information:

Charges must be made in Euros at the prevailing rate. Payment must be made using a credit

paiement Carte Web ou par virement bancaire sur le compte espagnol au nom de Niso Wine Tours

Sophie Carralot x-4348546-m

Bank name: Banco Sabadell Atlantico

Account Number: 0081 0063 29 0001889192

Bank address: Plaça Cap de la Vila 4

IBAN: ES06 0081 0063290001889192


Instructions for an on-line payment are as follows: 
Instructions on how to make a secure,

on-line credit card payment with Niso Wine Tours:

1/ Go to the following website: http://www.nisowinetours.com/payment.php

2 /Enter the remaining amount to pay

3/ the information requested in all of the required fields

4/ Once you receive your confirmation number please save it in your files as we may

besoin de le demander à une date ultérieure

5/ If you have questions and/or concerns, please email us at: sophie@nisowinetours.com

08870 Sitges (BCN)


IV. Required deposit and terms of payment

1. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon receipt of this invoice via email in order to

2. The remaining balance is due via bank transfer 2 weeks before trip departure.

3. All payments must be made via bank transfer or credit card.

4. All taxes and additional fees are included.


V. Booking modifications:

1. For any potential modification of your current booking please contact us at:

2. If the client desires to make any changes to the itinerary provided by Niso Wine Tours and

hold the reservation.


previously approved by the client during their tour, no refund will be made and all

les coûts supplémentaires doivent être couverts par le client

VI. Cancelation policy:

1. Cancelation of any tour, or part there-of, booked through Niso Wine Tours must be made

2. For tours of 2 days or more: If a cancellation is made within 30 days of the start date of the

VII. Insurance and responsibility waiver:

1. Niso Wine Tours suggests you purchase travel and medical insurance for the duration of your

stay in Spain.

2. Niso Wine Tours is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal effects or personal injury

during the trip.

3. Niso Wine Tours reserves the rights to modify contractual clauses at any time.

via e-mail.

tour, no refund will be made possible.