When many people think of the Ribera del Duero, the first thing that comes to mind is Bodegas Protos. One of the best known and oldest wineries in all of Spain, Protos was founded in 1927 and many of the same owners still govern how the winery is run today – making sure that winery’s time-honored traditions are not lost as the industry changes to meet an ever-changing wine market. A visit to Bodegas Protos is a truly unique, multi-faceted experience, not only because you will get to see how the winery seamlessly blends old and new winemaking techniques to craft their award-winning wines, but because of what lies both above and below this legendary winery. Above the winery lies the Ribera del Duero wine museum, which is housed in a very impressive and massive battleship-shaped castle. Underneath the winery (and castle) lie 5 miles of winding tunnels and caves, where the best vintages of Protos are stored and the current vintage wines are barrel-aged close to 220 ft underground. We will take you on a photographer’s dream-journey of the ancient wine caves, give you a VIP view of the castle while sipping wine from a secret patio located inside the winery, and after your visit to Protos we will take you inside the castle itself, where the jaw-dropping vistas allow you to see to the farthest reaches of the Ribera del Duero. Old and new, breathtaking and serene, exciting and awe-inspiring…a visit to Bodegas Protos with Niso Wine Tours will be a tour unlike any other you have ever experienced in your life.