Hi, Nicole,
Warm greetings to you from Lithuania! It was incredible guided tour finding out the best features of Spanish wines and food.
Please find attached the pictures made over the tour.
Best regards,
Thanks again for the wonderful tour last week. We loved the cavas at Penedes which together with your wonderful company helped create a great atmosphere between our Nordic/Baltic teams which carried the upbeat mood well into the evening in Barcelona.
I very much enjoyed the hospitality from Cims de Porrera later in the evening on Friday. I tasted the barrels of old, young, Carinena and Garnacha from north-facing, south-facing, west-facing, high/low elevation and many other parcels and then from bottles with more open tannins and etc. and they wouldn’t even take the payment for the tour in the end. I bought a few nice bottles from them (2000 and 2007).
Everybody in our group sincerely enjoyed the tour and you may expect more or less annoying emails asking for (Spanish wine) advice.

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