As you wind your way through the rolling hills of Penedes by car, there is one winery that stands out and says: ‘I am exceptional…visit me’ – and this winery is Caves Llopart. Founded in 1887, this family-owned winery is perched atop a mountainside that overlooks the charming town of Sant Sardoni d’Anoia, also known as the capital of ‘Cava Country.’ While the main part of the winery looks quite impressive and modern, the family has preserved and still uses part of its ancient winemaking facility and underground barrel room that makes a tour of their facility truly unique.

The current winemaker and owner, Pere Llopart, initiated a serious campaign in the early 1950’s to begin making the highest quality cava possible following the strict protocol of the traditional ‘champanois’ system. And while this may seem like a recent innovation, the Llopart family has roots in the wine industry that stretch back over 600 years. The family’s secular and passionate dedication to viticulture began in 1385 when the family’s ancestor, Bernardus Leopardi, first wrote about making wine in the Penedes region. Today the Llopart family owns 80 hectares of vineyards and carefully manages their vines with the utmost care and respect for the environment. They are said to follow the moto: Ex Vite Vita, or ‘Life comes from the grapevine,’ so that they never forget about their heritage nor their dedication to their roots.

On a tour of Cava Llopart with Niso Wine Tours, you will get to visit both the new and old winemaking facilities and meet some of the Llopart family members that can be found on-site running the day-to-day operations of the winery. We will also take you on a stroll through their vineyards, give you an insider’s introduction into how cava is made, take you up to their rooftop terrace so that you can soak up the majestic Montserrat mountain and finally back down to their tasting room where you will get to taste multiple kinds of cava and still wine made from several of the autochthonous grape varieties that grow only in Spain. A VIP wine tour of one of the most beautiful and historical wineries in all of Spain is what we can offer you at Caves Llopart and who could ask for more?!

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